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How to use ToolBelt Out of Area

We're on our way to your region! In the meantime here's how to use ToolBelt. If you are an out of area user, you may not see many jobs or contractors near you. This is expected, and we are working hard to bring the full experience of ToolBelt to you. We are growing...

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How to Post Projects

Post projects to find labor and hire crews. Attract reliable applicants to your jobs by posting your projects on ToolBelt.   Steps to Posting a Project: Step 1: Option 1) Tap the "Find Labor" button on the homepage Option 2) From the project page tap the "Create...

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How to Connect with Contractors

Grow your list of valuable contacts with ToolBelt By connecting with other contractors on ToolBelt, you are building your professional network on the platform.   Ways to connect with Contractors: 1) Connect with users from the homepage You can connect with each...

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How To Fill Out Your Profile

Want better traction with your account? 

A filled out profile is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of ToolBelt. Your profile is like an online resume, it can make or break a potential project or connection with other contractors. Steps for filling...

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How to Apply to Projects

Need help finding your next opportunity? Follow this how-to guide to learn how to find and apply to projects on ToolBelt.   Steps to apply to projects:Step 1: Option 1 Browse the recommended projects on the homepage. These project posts are shown based on your...

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