Connecting Contractors & Tradesmen


The Issue

Did All the Skilled Labor Just Disappear?
On the surface, the numbers indicate that there should be plenty of workers looking for jobs... The problem is that if there is an excess of skilled laborers, contractors are having a hard time finding them.
Construction industry trends: Struggle to find skilled laborers.
Construction industry, mid boom, can’t find enough skilled workers

The Idea

Bridging the Gap in Communication

The Online Network for Connecting Nearby Tradesmen to Available Construction Projects

Current recruiting solutions in the market today, are not being used by the industry.   This is due to the fundamental difference between the construction industry & others. Current platforms for recruiting are all position focused. Meaning they are for jobs & users that will occupy that position for a long period of time before they come back to look for another.  Construction is constantly on the move and has more real-time demands than that.

This is the sector that ToolBelt will occupy. The real time networking project based labor sourcing sector.

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