Post Projects For Your Connections Only
December 18, 2020

Invite connections to your projects with the For Connections Only feature

Posting projects for your connections only allows you to hide a project from tradespeople who have not connected with you.


Steps to posting a project for connections only:

Step 1:

Option 1) Tap the “Find Labor” button on the homepage

Option 2) From the project page tap the “Create New Project” button


Step 2:

Fill out the project creation form.

Go through the project creation form to select a trade for your project, add photos, a description, pay type, location, and more. If you have more questions regarding project creation, please contact support.



Step 3:

Select the “Post Project For” field to “Connections Only”.

After posting your project for connections only, your connections will be sent a notification. If you are not receiving enough applications you can always change this setting from the project editor.