How To Fill Out Your Profile
November 24, 2020

Want better traction with your account?

A filled out profile is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of ToolBelt. Your profile is like an online resume, it can make or break a potential project or connection with other contractors.

Steps for filling out your profile:

Step 1

Go to the profile editor:

– From the home screen click the profile icon in the top left corner.

– Next, click the “Edit Profile” Button

Step 2

Fill out all of the profile sections that apply to you:

Profile Photo

99% of contractors who found work or labor on ToolBelt had a profile photo.

After you upload a profile photo, you can change it with the yellow edit icon.

Trades and Specialties

Trades help other contractors know your skillset.

Free users are allowed 5 trades (no limit specialties of trades).

Gallery of Work

Your gallery of work is the best way to show off your work and skillset.

Use the manage photos link to upload high-quality photos that focus on your trades.


Your bio is the best way for you to convey the work you do, the experience you have and your goals for the future.